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Hengeler Mueller refutes the allegations against Deutsche ReGas regarding money laundering and intransparency | Hengeler Mueller News

Hengeler Mueller refutes the allegations against Deutsche ReGas regarding money laundering and intransparency

Deutsche ReGas GmbH & Co. KGaA has been subject to various allegations of an allegedly non-transparent financing background as well as money laundering accusations in recent weeks. On behalf of Deutsche ReGas, Hengeler Mueller independently investigated these allegations and comprehensively reviewed the financing and investor structure of Deutsche ReGas from its inception until the conclusion of the investigation on 16 August 2023. In an investigation programme that went far beyond Deutsche ReGas' obligations under money laundering law, Hengeler Mueller analyzed in detail the direct and indirect shareholder structure as well as the history of Deutsche ReGas' equity financing.

As a result of these investigations, the total investment amount of EUR 94,236,942.00 stated by the company could be fully substantiated and allocated to institutional and private investors. There were no indications that investors, managing directors or supervisory board members had been associated with money laundering suspicions or were under sanctions. The alleged payment streams from companies on the Cayman Islands to Deutsche ReGas could also be completely refuted during the investigation. The shareholder and financing structures of Deutsche ReGas proved to be legally compliant and transparent during the audit procedures.

Based on the results of Hengeler Mueller's investigation, among other things, Deutsche ReGas was able to obtain an injunction against the author of the suspicions spread in the media before the Munich I Regional Court. The Rostock Public Prosecutor's Office also examined the money laundering allegations made following a criminal complaint against the management of Deutsche ReGas but rejected an initial suspicion and formally discontinued the investigation on 17 August 2023.


Hengeler Mueller team for Deutsche ReGas

White Collar/Compliance: Dirk Uwer (partner, lead), Maximilian Ohrloff (counsel), Antonia Cramer, Jamal El-Zein (both associates, all Dusseldorf).

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