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ESG Study: Companies in the Transformation Process | Hengeler Mueller News

ESG Study: Companies in the Transformation Process

The subject of sustainability, with its environmental, social and governance (ESG) facets, has gained in importance significantly over the last few years. A multitude of areas of our lives have since been affected as a result of societal expectations and legal regulations. Even companies have recognised the necessity of planning their strategy and actions around this defining issue. The reason for this is not just the regulatory pressure from national and European legislatures regarding sustainability. The public is also increasingly expecting corporate strategy and governance to additionally account for ecological and social aspects.

But what adjustment processes have corporates undertaken specifically so far, and what adjustments are they planning? How are they assessing the status quo and the progress of their efforts? What is driving the decision-makers, and how do they feel about the regulatory framework? On these and other aspects, the study ‘Companies in the Transformation Process – Challenges and Opportunities of Sustainability’ published jointly by Deutsches Aktieninstitut and the law firm of Hengeler Mueller will provide you with an overview. A total of 61 supervisory board chairmen, CFOs and/or their staff responded to the survey on which our study is based.

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ESG Study: Companies in the Transformation Process

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